The Many Myths About How Coral Castle Was Made

The town of Hampstead is about 30 miles south of Miami. It’s actually a city, with a population of just 66,500 people. There’s really nothing much interesting about the city, it’s not a beach house rental destination, but has one glaring exception: this is the location of the mysterious Coral Castle. Come for a visit, and you will wonder about the various myths about Coral Castle you may have heard about.

What’s Coral Castle?

Coral Castle is the name of a set of structures that used “coral “(actually oolitic limestone) for its creation. It’s widely regarded even by construction engineers and scientists as an engineering marvel.

It was made in 1923, and 1,100 short tons of stones were used. Mortar wasn’t used to fasten the stones together, yet they fit so tightly that light doesn’t pass through the joints. The lone maker made and moved stones that weighed an average of 15 short tons, and the largest ones weighed 30 short tons.  Read more “The Many Myths About How Coral Castle Was Made”

Facts About The Mysterious Coral Castle In Florida

There’s a city in Florida called Homestead, and it’s near Miami and off the South Dixie Highway. Here in this city, you will find the amazing Coral Castle, which was originally named Rock Gate Park. It’s a site designed to excite the senses and to challenge your understanding of engineering. In fact, a site info sheet reads:

You are about to see is an engineering marvel that has been compared with Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. 

Here are some fun facts about the Coral Castle that may tickle your fancy.

1. It was built by a man from Latvia in 1923. His name was Edward Leedskalnin. It took him 28 years to do it alone, and he worked privately so very few people saw him work at it. He also worked only with simple basic tools like ropes and pulleys, picks, and winches.

2. Despite the name, it isn’t really a castle at all. It’s a collection of quarried stone sculptured into many types of shapes. He built some areas to look like a house that has chairs and tables along with slab walls. You also have an accurate sundial, crescent moon chairs, and a water fountain. There are a Polaris telescope and an obelisk. There’s also castle tower that’s 2 stories high.

3. It isn’t even really made of coral either. It’s actually made of oolite limestone, and more than a thousand tons of it was used for the construction. Read more “Facts About The Mysterious Coral Castle In Florida”