10 Amazing Facts About Ed Leedskalnin, The Creator Of Coral Castle

Coral Castle is an engineering marvel found in Florida, and it’s a very famous tourist spot. Its features and workings have fascinated generations of scientists, and it’s been the subject of book, films, and countless articles. But how much do you know of its mysterious creator? His name was Edward “Ed” Leedskalnin, and he was a man as improbable as the spectacle he made.

Here are 10 facts about the mysterious engineer of Coral Castle, Ed Leedskalnin:

1. He started working on Coral Castle in 1923. He first built a castle in that year in Florida City, and he named this castle as “Ed’s Place”. Florida City is an extremely remote location, and at the time there was very little development there. He then moved the various parts of this castle to its current location.

2. He worked on Coral Castle until he died in 1951. That’s 28 years of dedication to the place.

3. You’d think that with a thousand tons of stone involved in the construction, Ed Leedskalnin would be a huge man too. But in fact, he was small in physical stature. He was only 5 feet flat tall, and he only weighed 100 pounds.  Read more “10 Amazing Facts About Ed Leedskalnin, The Creator Of Coral Castle”