Coral Castle Researcher: “vinny stvincent”

The Coral Castle mystery has yet to be uncovered, publically that is. And there are several researchers out there trying to figure out the secrets of how Ed Leedskalnin built Coral Castle by himself and perhaps how the great megaliths like The Great Pyramids were built. The knowledge would be very powerful and revolutionary.

I’m sure that there are more researchers out there that aren’t so public but I will aim to share with you those who have been. Such as a YouTuber named “vinny stvincent”. He has attempted to rebuild Ed Leedskalnin’s flywheel as well as study from the ground up about magnetism, energy, electricity, and anything that is relative to how Ed accomplished the supposed impossible feat. He has also written a book on the mystery of Coral Castle back in the 1980’s. Read more “Coral Castle Researcher: “vinny stvincent””