The Many Myths About How Coral Castle Was Made

The town of Hampstead is about 30 miles south of Miami. It’s actually a city, with a population of just 66,500 people. There’s really nothing much interesting about the city, it’s not a beach house rental destination, but has one glaring exception: this is the location of the mysterious Coral Castle. Come for a visit, and you will wonder about the various myths about Coral Castle you may have heard about.

What’s Coral Castle?

Coral Castle is the name of a set of structures that used “coral “(actually oolitic limestone) for its creation. It’s widely regarded even by construction engineers and scientists as an engineering marvel.

It was made in 1923, and 1,100 short tons of stones were used. Mortar wasn’t used to fasten the stones together, yet they fit so tightly that light doesn’t pass through the joints. The lone maker made and moved stones that weighed an average of 15 short tons, and the largest ones weighed 30 short tons. 

How Was Coral Castle Made

Stones are so secure in their location they have not shifted after all these years. That’s true even when category 5 hurricanes have passed through.

The most notable highlight of the entire ensemble is the 8-foot tall gate, which weighed 9 short tons. It was carved so that it fits within a quarter of an inch of the walls. The balance was so precise that it could be opened by a single finger of a child.

In 1986, the gate failed, and modern contractors made repairs. There 6 men involved, and they also used a 50-short ton crane. Their repairs only lasted for 9 years until it failed again. The new repairs are holding so far, but this time the gate no longer turns just as easily.

Coral Castle: How Was It Made

What’s So Mysterious about Coral Castle?

So what’s the mystery? Here are some verifiable facts that have astounded visitors and experts:

  • A single man named Ed Leedskalnin created all these structures. That’s one man doing all the work.
  • He did the work at night and away from curious eyes, so none can really say how he did the work. There weren’t any pictures of him at work.
  • Ed Leedskalnin only finished 4th grade. So he was hardly a well-educated man, much less an engineering genius with degrees from top colleges.
  • He only used the technology of the time to move the heavy stones. He didn’t use cranes that we take for granted.
  • The structures worked so well and were so precise that even today it’s difficult to replicate the results. This is proven by the inferior repairs on the gate.

Myths About Coral Castle

The Myths

Because of the astounding engineering and the mysterious history of the place, several myths have cropped up through the years.

  • One fanciful story (with some evidence to back it up) was that Ed built the place as proof of his worthiness. He was abandoned by his 16-year old fiancé on his wedding day, and the structures were proof that he was a better man than his 4th grade education indicated.
  • Some say that he must have used paranormal powers to “levitate” the stones, because they were too heavy for the tools available at the time.
  • Others think he may have discovered the secrets to magnetism and gravity, which made him able to move the stones easily.
  • There are also those who think that alien technology, or aliens themselves, were involved. The structures were simply too advanced, and the creator was too uneducated.

Of course, other articles have come out to debunk these myths about Coral Castle. But when you see the structures for yourself, you can’t help but wonder…Is it really as simple as the debunkers claim?

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